wire frames and dynamo

Dec 2018

I have the query of the following nature:

In Fig. 1, a wire frame ABCD) is drawn in a homogeneous magnetic field B = 0.10 T . The points P and Q are connected to a voltmeter. Then the wire frame is mechanically driven. In this case side AD moves forward in the position shown (paper out). The wire frame has a surface of 60 cm2 and functions as a dynamo.

Query 1: Find out in which direction a current flows through the wire frame during the first quarter turn of the wire frame.

Figure 2
In figure 2 a graph of the flux 'phi' through the wire frame is drawn in the course of time. The flux can also be calculated by drawing up a sinus formula.

Query 2 : Determine the maximum voltage of this 'dynamo'.

The rotational frequency of the dynamo is reduced to half.

Query 2. Sketch the corresponding (* U ind, t) graph. **where U is Indution and is subscript ind. Thus U subscript 'ind'.
Give the characteristic points in the graph clearly with corresponding values.

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can anyone give me some pointers on how to tackle this situation.
so that I can start to attempt this.
some feedback on how to proceed would be of assistance here.

Thanks in advance