Why do we assume the big bang created matter/antimatter?

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Apr 2008
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All current mass estimations are compeletly off
Again you are are making a categorical statement with no proof what-so-ever.

I guess this means we know what a black hole is now.
We have known about black holes since Schwarzchild derived the solution to the GR equations in 1915.

What if Dark Matter is the most obvious answer of all ..it's matter that's been in an unobservable black hole?
Do you even read these after you've posted? Nothing can get out of a black hole and what does any of this have to do with dark matter?? Even Hawking radiation takes place outside the event horizon. And what the heck is an "unobservable black hole?"

Once again you are stinging together a bunch of topics that have nothing to do with each other and the way you are doing it makes it clear that you understand none of them. Please do at least some basic research before you post.

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