what is the secret to glass's transparency.

Jan 2016
In glass, the elements that make it up, like silicon, and sodium.
Does the electron eV levels change as these elements become molecules ;D, and become solid glass.
To put it another way, if silicon, sodium, and calcium atoms which have there fixed eV shell levels for electrons.
If these atoms silicon, sodium, and calcium, and the other elements glass is made from, are put together enough to form a molecule, and then a small piece of solid matter.
Do the shell electron levels of silicon, sodium, and calcium change to make glass transparent.
So for example solid silicon, only consisting of pure silicon atoms, when single silicon atoms are put together in a cubic block, is the eV shell level for the electron the same when silicon forms solid matter.
So is there a change in eV electron levels.
Because there is not enough energy in glass for light to get absorbed by atoms.
The light gets transmission through a solid piece of glass, this is why its transparent.
So do electron eV shell levels, or energy levels change, due to these single atoms becoming together to form molecules, and solid matter.
Thank you for your answer, anything help even a few words.
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