what came before the Big Bang and inflation?

Jan 2020
what came before the Big Bang and inflation?


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Before the BB? No one knows. There are speculations that range from saying that there was "nothing" (we can't imagine it but it might exist) to an empty field of space-time to a previous Universe that collapsed and "bounced" into another one.

Inflation happened somewhere around \(\displaystyle 10^{-33}\) seconds after the BB. Before that the Universe was a chaotic mess of a whole bunch of particles we know and likely many many more than we know about. As I understand it the current idea is that inflation started due to some kind of a phase change in the Universe but there are many other theories out there to explain it.

Jun 2016
All we can do is speculate,
Science is all about speculation and imagination, but then backed up by experiment.
However, we can't perform experiments to create a universe...
The best we can do is rule out scenarios that could never fit with what we can observe,
and do experiments to further narrow down the list.
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