what are the things that caused the universe to form?

Jan 2020
what are the things that caused the universe to form?


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Apr 2008
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If you are talking about the Big Bang then, unfortunately, benit13's response is about as detailed as it's going to get.

However if you are talking about after the BB then we can flesh out a better answer.

Jun 2016
The closest to an answer I have found is that it is possible for a universe to form
Then the argument is that;
if it is possible then, in some kind of infinite overarching realm of possibilities, it will (even must) happen.

String theory (for example) indicates that there are many ways in which "sensible" universes could be constructed, each with rather different fundamental features
(charge on the electron, speed of light, maybe different fundamental QM particles, etc...)
Leading to the conclusion that many universes should form.

But this is metaphysics rather than what we might call "proper" physics.
It can't be called proper physics unless it can be verified (experimentally) and that is (probably) impossible.
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