Water Heater - useful energy content

Oct 2018
Hi, i´m developing a project and have some questions about thermodynamics

I have this table with data.
Sem Título.png

And this is what variables are:
-useful water flow rate (f) means the minimum flow rate, expressed in litres per minute,

-useful water temperature (Tm), means the water temperature, expressed in degrees Celsius, at which hot water starts contributing to the reference energy

- useful energy content (Qtap) means the energy content of hot water, expressed in kWh,provided at a temperature equal to, or above, the useful water temperature, and at water flow rates equal to, or above, the useful water flow rate.

- peak temperature(Tp) means the minimum water temperature, expressed in degrees Celsius, to be achieved during water draw-off.

So, I need to know what is the volume i need to take in every row of the table and is temperature.

For the volume i use this formula but dont know if its correct

- Volume (L) =Qtap*860/(996*Tm)*1000

For the temperature i dont figure out..

Thank's in advance!
Apr 2017
I think you're making this more complex than it need be ...

Just what is it you are doing ?? Building a water heater??? Give all the details ...
Oct 2017
If you have plot the points in your table on a graph, the line of best fit can be compared to the formula you have to give you an indication of certain values in the formula.