US Navy release patents for anti grav technology

Apr 2017
... One other note - given that the Naval Air Warfare Center decided to pursue a patent, meaning the information is made freely available to all including potential military adversaries, I think this signals that they see no real practical application of the technology.
My understanding is such craft have been in use in the SSP for at least 50years ..they are called TR3's

Over 100 different insiders have reported travelling in them ....

Artists impression

In addition this exact craft in the patent is well known to UFO spotters

This is all old tech... the pressure is building in the military to start to release it to the civilian population so it can be used for normal transport and so the patent was made public allowing commercial companies can start building craft ....

Trump's 'space force' is about preparing the public mind for the release of this and other tech .....
Mar 2019
UFO vs dragon

I wonder that's a dragon flying...
Dragon has no wing, so he must be using "anti gra" tech...
Actually, what I read in web about "Quantum fluctuation' is : a pair of particles with positive and negative mass occurs in vacuum...cryptic
Jun 2016
There have been many secret aircraft projects in the past,
The U2, the Blackbird, the F114, ...
Eventually they became publicly acknowledged.

I would not be at all surprised if a similar project (perhaps called the Aurora) were in process now.
I would presume that will also be publicly acknowledged in time.
(perhaps when its successor is ready to superseded it).

These were all technological marvels in their day,
but they were not beyond belief alien inspired leaps into wonderland.
There were simply examples of what can be achieved by providing extravagant funding to highly talented people.
Jan 2020
Cleveland Heights, OH
This is something many observers have been expecting for a long time. The release of high tech to the surface population , tech which had previously been hoarded and kept off world... Trumps 'Space Force' is part of the same process ...

"18 Apr 2019 ...The US Navy has been granted a patent for an advanced aircraft which resembles a flying saucer UFO. Military inventors filed plans for a highly unusual flying machine which uses an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ to travel at ‘extreme speeds’. What that means is that the aircraft uses complex technology to reduce its mass and thereby lessen inertia (an object’s resistance to motion) so it can zoom along at high velocities. The patent is highly complex and describes methods of reducing the mass of an aircraft . These drawings were filed as part of the patent and show a craft which looks a lot like a UFO (Photo: Salvatore Cezar Pais/ Google) ‘It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local spacetime,’ the patent says. The craft described in the patent features a cavity wall filled with gas, which is then made to vibrate using powerful electromagnetic waves. This then creates a vacuum around the craft, allowing it to propel itself at high speeds. The UFO-style ship can be used in water, air or even space. ‘It is possible to envision a hybrid aerospace/undersea craft (HAUC), which due to the physical mechanisms enabled with the inertial mass reduction device, can function as a submersible craft capable of extreme underwater speeds… and enhanced stealth capabilities,’ the patent continues. ‘This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air/space/water mediums, by being enclosed in a vacuum plasma bubble/sheath.’ Although the US Navy applied for the patent in 2016 and it was granted last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean the craft has been built and tested. However, the technology is further evidence of the military’s interest in developing ‘exotic’ technologies. U.S. DoD video of F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. Play Video Loaded: 0% 0:00Progress: 0% PlayMute Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time 0:33 Fullscreen MORE: Pentagon and MoD officials feared UFOs were either ‘demonic’ or sent by God, former investigators reveal Earlier this year, it was revealed that US government researchers investigated wormholes, antigravity, invisibility cloaking, warp drives and high energy laser weapons during a probe into ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ called the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP). Details of AATIP were first released in 2017, including reports of a sighting made by fighter pilots from the USS Nimitz. These pilots saw a huge patch of churning, turbulent water the size of a Boeing 737, suggesting something was beneath the surface, as well as a ‘tic tac’ aircraft which zoomed off at almost impossibly high speeds. We spoke to Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, and asked if he saw any similarities between the patented design and the Nimitz Tic Tac. ‘A hybrid craft, capable of flying both in the air and underwater, is uncannily similar to what was reported in the USS Nimitz incident from 2004,’ he said. ‘There was a similar incident of a UFO flying underwater in Puerto Rico in 2013. The possible connection between the USS Nimitz incident and this patent is intriguing, and it’s interesting that the US Navy seems to be the link here. ‘It’s possible that the patent is inspired by the incident and is part of an attempt to work out the technology behind the objects that were chased by the Navy F-18s. This is known as ‘reverse-engineering’.’...."

First of all, I've seen two versions of this. One is anti-gravity and the other is hypersonic propulsion. Really?
It also resembles a bogus (the YouTube videos are fake) of a NASA secret anti-gravity interstellar spacecraft called a TR-3B. Hmmm. Very interesting.
So the problem with this mass reduction device, WHERE DOES THE MASS GO?
And don't tell me mass is converted into energy. That's a complete misunderstanding of E=mc^2. Mass is a property of energy (kinetic and potential energy).
I'm a layperson with a better than average understanding of Special and General Relativity. This "patent" and "spacecraft" was a link posted by a FB friend of mine. I argued that the mass of an object distorts Spacetime and NO mass reduction device can alter that. Additionally, objects like the moon and ISS travel in a straight line geodesic in curved Spacetime.
So again. WHERE DOES THE MASS GO? I believe there is no answer to this question rendering the anti-gravity claim BS.