US Navy release patents for anti grav technology

Apr 2017
... One other note - given that the Naval Air Warfare Center decided to pursue a patent, meaning the information is made freely available to all including potential military adversaries, I think this signals that they see no real practical application of the technology.
My understanding is such craft have been in use in the SSP for at least 50years ..they are called TR3's

Over 100 different insiders have reported travelling in them ....

Artists impression

In addition this exact craft in the patent is well known to UFO spotters

This is all old tech... the pressure is building in the military to start to release it to the civilian population so it can be used for normal transport and so the patent was made public allowing commercial companies can start building craft ....

Trump's 'space force' is about preparing the public mind for the release of this and other tech .....
Mar 2019
UFO vs dragon

I wonder that's a dragon flying...
Dragon has no wing, so he must be using "anti gra" tech...
Actually, what I read in web about "Quantum fluctuation' is : a pair of particles with positive and negative mass occurs in vacuum...cryptic
Jun 2016
There have been many secret aircraft projects in the past,
The U2, the Blackbird, the F114, ...
Eventually they became publicly acknowledged.

I would not be at all surprised if a similar project (perhaps called the Aurora) were in process now.
I would presume that will also be publicly acknowledged in time.
(perhaps when its successor is ready to superseded it).

These were all technological marvels in their day,
but they were not beyond belief alien inspired leaps into wonderland.
There were simply examples of what can be achieved by providing extravagant funding to highly talented people.