trapeze duo jump

Aug 2018
Hello, I need some help, I've been trying to understand the question for the past 30 minutes with no results. the serious problem is that I cant seem to understand what do I need to do? (I'm quite, very new to learning kinematics)
Here is the question:
You are the receiver in a trapeze duo and are practicing your timing. The swings are spaced so that if your partner, the jumper, releases when his swing is at 45 deg and flies through the air at a speed of 3 m/s, he will be caught at the top of his trajectory when your swing is at 45 deg . Assume your swings are of equal length, that your swings start at the same angle, and the speed of both swings are equivalent.

Question:How much later than your partner must you leave your platform and start your swing to complete the stunt? Plese give your answer in s

Thanks for any help, I just need some directions
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