Thermodynamics properties table

Aug 2013
T=160deg c,P=5000kPa, Phase=Compressed liquid .Asked to find u and h. Ans given(u=674.79,h=675.47)

The answer given is from saturated water [email protected] c.My qns is WHY do you still use enthalpy and internal energy data from SATURATED WATER table even though pressure(5MPa) and temperature(160 deg c) is in the range of the compressed liquid table?Aren't we only supposed to use data from saturated water table only if data is not available from compressed liquid table? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ME PLS! thanks:D
Jun 2010
Compressed Liquid

Hi, As I recall.

Common practice is to approximate the properties of water in compressed states. h and u (compressed)
change much moreso with temperature change than with pressure change. So the bases for the approximation
are the saturated liquid values AT THE TEMPERATURE. Thus u(160C, 5MPa)
would be approximated as uf(160C).

There's more to this. Hope this is enough.

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