Thermodynamics problem (refrigeration)

Mar 2009
Hey guys i'm new, i am a 1st year undergrad studying Chemical Engineering. I was recommened by a friend to use this site and i am hoping you guys can help me out of this pickle. I am stuck on this one question, any help would be much appreciated :¬(

A steam power plant operates between a boiler pressure of 42 bar and a condenser pressure of 0.035 bar. Calculate for these limits the cycle efficiency, the work ratio (ratio of net-work to gross work) and the SSC for

a Carnot cycle using wet steam;

a Rankine cycle with dry saturated steam at entry to the turbine; and

a Rankine cycle of (b), when the expansion process has a isentropic efficiency of 80%

Draw T/S diagrams for the above cases. The SSC is the steam flow, which is

SSC = 3600/Wnet

where Wnet is in kJ/kg.

Compare the Rankine cycle performance of the above problem with that obtained when the steam is superheated to 500 ºC. Neglect the feed pump.