The theory of vortex gravity, cosmology and cosmogony

Nov 2019
A vortex can be sustained when fluid pressures are around atmospheric .... spiraling air molecules pull away from the center of rotation by centrifugal force , and reduced pressure at the axis pulls them back , hence a sustained vortex.... a whirlwind

In space the fluid pressure is incredibly low , pressure differences within this fluid would never be enough to stop spiraling atoms from escaping ...A vortex could not be sustained .
In space - ether. We cannot directly investigate it. According to the science of ether dynamics, the pressure in the ether is taken 10 to 32 degrees. I take this into my calculations.
Apr 2017
I've been thinking about this , could I be wrong??? ....

there are 10 to the power 19 molecules per cc in air at atmospheric pressure

In interstellar space less than 1 per cc ...

Consider a gas molecule rotating in an imaginary vortex in space , the radius would be very large . The pressure difference which maintains the vortex is caused by impacts from other gas molecules , there will be less impacts on the side of the spiraling molecule that faces axis and more impacts from the high pressure gas outside .... How often do gas molecules collide in space?? not often !

A vortex can't be sustained!
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May 2014
Poole, UK
I'm not planning to do a full critique of this paper but there is a rather large elephant in the room... The obvious question from almost the first page: no aether has ever been discovered. How can you propose that gravitational phenomena are transmitted by something that doesn't exist?
Einstein talked about aether in his 1920 Leyden Address. He said this: “According to this theory the metrical qualities of the continuum of space-time differ in the environment of different points of space-time, and are partly conditioned by the matter existing outside of the territory under consideration. This space-time variability of the reciprocal relations of the standards of space and time, or, perhaps, the recognition of the fact that ’empty space’ in its physical relation is neither homogeneous nor isotropic, compelling us to describe its state by ten functions (the gravitation potentials gμν), has, I think, finally disposed of the view that space is physically empty”. In his final paragraph, he said this: "Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether".

However vorticies are nothing to do with gravity. They're associated with gravitomagnetism. See this NASA article: NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment | Science Mission Directorate:

GP-B (twist, 550px)
An artist's concept of GP-B measuring the curved spacetime around Earth. [more]
Nov 2019
Однако вихри не имеют никакого отношения к гравитации. Они связаны с гравитомагнетизмом. Смотрите эту статью НАСА: НАСА объявляет результаты эпического пространственно-временного эксперимента / директорат научной миссии:

Vortices of ether are directly related to gravity and to the rotation of celestial objects. This is proved in my articles. Do not be lazy to read these articles on my site, which is indicated in the first post.

GP-B (twist, 550px)

GP-B (twist, 550px)

Концепция художника GP-B, измеряющая искривленное пространство-время вокруг Земли. [ подробнее]