Special Relativity is irrational

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Feb 2020
I need someone to explain why Einsteins Special Relativity is still considered to be correct, given that the hypothesis is irrational and contains critical errors.
Professors seem incapable of understanding that what they are teaching may be totally wrong. Their only thought is that they are correct so if someone does not accept SR , they it must be because they don't understand some details of the Hypothesis.

Anyone game to discuss this, or are you all closed minded, arrogant and suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect?
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A couple of points.

1) The Scientific Method is a guideline on how to do research. A hypothesis is formed by observation of some facts and proposes a model to explain it. A hypothesis that is shown to deal with a wide variety of facts is called a theory. All of this is based on experimental verification. Does this mean that all theories are correct? No. It says that works for the facts that have been measured. On the other hand a theory is generally considered as correct until new facts show that it is not. SR has passed all of these conditions. Does that mean it's right? No. But to nitpick and say it's totally wrong even though experiments validate it is just silly.

2) The Lorentz transformation equations originated in Maxwell's Electromagnetism. The EM equations do not obey Galilean Relativity which many thought at the time (around 1890) that this wwa a defect in the theory. But, once again, you are denying that it is correct even though experiements have since verified the theory. Einstein didn't apply it until some 15 years after Lorentz proposed it and the Lorentz transformations were accepted by then. (But only in EM... it's application to more general Physics was not.)

3) The only way to justifiably say a theory is wrong is to understand it in the first place. You do not and have openly stated that you refuse to learn any more about it than you already do. Your position makes no sense in this regard.

4) This is a Physics Forum. Leave the Mormons (or any other religious groups you like or don't like) out of it.

If you are not accepting experimental proof as valid then how can you say that your complaints are correct? You have no way of validating your concerns! Physics (all the Sciences, really) are experimentally based, not theory based. If you reject what the experiments are saying then how can you make any progress?

Much of this thread is full of invective and lack of any proof that your complaints are valid. This is not Physics, it's Pseudo-Science. Your tone has been argumentative from the start and your comments to anyone that supports SR are insulting. You claim that anyone who is open-minded will listen to you. But you yourself are not listening to anyone who agrees with the accepted Physcis meaning that you are not being open minded either.

I am leaving your original post so I can make these comments, but I am deleting the rest due to your flaming, insulting, and hypocritical comments.

Thread closed.

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