Sources of error with transformer

Mar 2020
I am doing a write up for an experiment where we measured the output voltage through a transformer with a varied power pack (2,4,6,8,10,12V). I then plotted the graph of output voltage to input voltage and given the secondary coil turns, calculated the turns in the primary coil, which was off by a large amount. I am having trouble thinking of errors that affected this result. Some of my points are resistance caused by wires, galvanometer affecting circuit, heating due to resistance (?)
I was wondering if there were any errors specifically to do with the transformer
Apr 2015
Somerset, England
No not errors, but clearly there were effects due to the setup not performing as you expected.

But the detail you provide is rather too sketchy.

1) Do I understand you had a fixed ratio transformer that you supplied 2 -12 volts to the primary from some sort of switchable AC pack with its own internal transformer? How were the devices connected?
2) How did you determine the actual alternating voltage at the input to the transformer under test ?
3) How did you determine the output voltage? Was this under load or open circuit?
4) What did the graph you plotted look like?
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