Simple Pendulum Question

Oct 2019
I did a Simple Pendulum experiment in my college physics class the other day. We were asked to graph a T^2 x L graph based off our results. I plan on using the Length on the x-axis and the T^2 on the Y-axis.

This may seem like a simple question but how would I find my T^2? Is it just simply the Period (T) that we timed but squared? For example: T = 1.10s is 1.21 T^2. Or, is there some kind of formula I need to find T^2? Here is a picture of my table that will hopefully clarify:F8022A78-953A-4926-9331-EBB0980C174E.jpeg

Based off my picture above, should I plot my first coordinate at (28, 1.10) or (28, 1.21)? Or something else?



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Apr 2008
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You got it right. Just use the list of numbers for \(\displaystyle T^2\) as your y values.