Question regarding transverse wave on a string

Oct 2014
"An elastic string has mass of 1g and natural length of 0.1m. A mass of 1kg is attached to its lower end, and the string is stretched by 0.02m. The speed of the wave is 34.3 m/s. A transverse disturbance is propagated along the string, and is reflected at both ends. How many times will this disturbance pass a point on the string in one period of small oscillation of the mass?"

I understand the concept, but how do I find the period of oscillation of the mass?


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Jun 2010
Morristown, NJ USA
Fora simple spring-mass system like this you have omega = sqrt(k/m), where omega is the velocity in radians/second. Then theh period of oscillation is T= 2 pi/omega.