Question about perminant magnetic fi induced in steel plates by current carrying wire

Oct 2018
I'm relatively new to picking up advanced physics as a hobby, currently on special relativity and field theory, and I was hoping to help explain something to my brother.

He's interested in a phenemonon possibly discovered by someone living in florida in the 20-50s named Ed Leedskalnin, who experimented with magnetism and kinda concocted his own view of the subject with his limited 4th grade education. He made a device that induces a magnetic field in two pieces of metal, holding them together forever until forced apart. He called it a PMH (perpetual motion holder), although the name is inaccurate it'll help find what I'm talking about.

Here's short YouTube video of the phenomenon and I was hoping to get some input as to what's going on.


They say it's unexplained in modern physics, but since I can't find even a single acknowledgement from an actual physicist I was hoping it goes by another name or is just so simple it's not discussed.

I don't know a lot of magnetism but if I had to guess I'd say that if you visualized the field inside the steel bricks, and looked at the magnetic domains along the seam you would see that there's an attraction that takes force to separate. Little fuzzy on the wording, but I would love some insight from someone more knowledgeable sources.