Quantum entanglement energy

Oct 2019
Hi all
I’m an average guy with a question. If you can split a particle separate them by any distance, apply a force to one and the other will behave in the same manner, why aren’t we sending one half into space exploding it in a nuclear blasts and have clean energy from the remaining half on earth that should based on this principle, react the same as the exploded one???
Jun 2016
It doesn't work that way...

Quantum entanglement does not follow, what we might consider, common-sense behaviours
Which has lead to some fantastical Headlines...

However if anything is transferred between an entangled pair it is just "information".

Certainly neither Force nor Energy can be transferred between the entangled pairs.
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Oct 2019
re: It doesn't work that way...

Thanks mate like I said I know nothing about the it all really and what you say makes sense just that I’ve seen people stating if you apply a magnetic force to one the other moves with it so standard half truths and misinformation at work lol