Proper Name of Pulley Mechanic shown?

Aug 2019
i was wondering if there is a proper name to this mechanic specifically, beyond conservation of energy etc. Something where someone knows exactly effective mechanic used.
From here this goes to not just adding a multiplying pulley system on tail of other , but insetting it inside to pull 2x on larger system, to then inset your efforts to likewise pull 2x inside, the inset system. Find VERY efficient usage, defining to minimize total system external contact points to :
input effort vs. Load thru 1 single 'ground' connection as pivot as most efficient work AND least support loading.
With just single 5x pulley pull down system,
can get 8xEffort ! + 5xBody weight! for real game changer;
That also gives minimal support loading for work done....

i have been chasing/polishing this for decades;
as lil'guy keeping up w/biggers.
i sincerely hope this is the place to ask,
and perhaps seed these lesser seen things into the future.