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Jul 2008
A rocket of 200 grams is launched from the rest in a show of fireworks and follows an unpredictable path until you reach the point P, when erupts. The point P is 29 m above the ground. In precesso the force resulting from the burning of propellant held a work of 425 J on the rocket. Despising air resistance and loss of weight due to burning of propellant, which the module of the speed of the rocket in point P?


\(\displaystyle W=variationE\)

\(\displaystyle W=\frac{m.V^2}{2}+mgh-0\)

\(\displaystyle 425=\frac{0,2V^2}{2}+0,2.9,8.29\)

\(\displaystyle 850=0,2V^2+113,68\)

\(\displaystyle V^2=3681,6\)

\(\displaystyle V=60,68 m/s\)


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Apr 2008
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I didn't check the numbers but I otherwise agree with DivideBy0: It looks right to me.

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