Placing small liquid droplets on a solid surface

Sep 2016
Hi I'd like to ask you how to place small droplets (radius of droplet below 1.34mm, volume of droplet below 10uL) on a solid surface? The liquid is viscous, say, 2.5 million cSt. Please help. Thank you.
Aug 2010
Use a pipette with diameter less than 2.69. Place one end of the pipette under water, with the other end open. Put a finger over the other end and lift the pipette out of the water. Place the open end of the pipette on the surface and lift your finger off the other end.
Jun 2016
I note that you make a special mention of the high viscosity,
I have no innate feel for how many centistokes make five...

Could you give us an example in the tar, treacle, water, kind of range?

Have you tried (and failed) with some methods already?

looking at the pipette idea, you might need to find a "non-stick" coating for the pipette, this would likely be dependant on the fluid being considered.
for example, is it Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic