Physics urgent question

Dec 2017
A frozen turkey is thrown out of a helicopter straight down with a velocity of 3.6m/s while the copter is hovering 48m above ground.the frozen turkey lands on your trampoline (in your backyard) and depresses the 5.5m tall trampoline by 1.67m.If the spring constant of the trampoline is 2300 N/m what is the mass of the frozen turkey?

I did mgh + 1/2mv^2 = 1/2kx^2
aka PE+ KE = EPE

m(9.8*48 + .5*3.6^2) = 3207.24 J (the EPE i calculated)

then solved for mass to get 1.05kg

I don't know if I am right because is there any PE or just KE= EPE

please help
Dec 2017
Please help i have a really important test tommorow
Apr 2017
The best way is to calculate the energy expended when the turkey comes to rest .... it had an initial velocity 3.6 ....

The trampoline is Standing on the ground so the turkey comes to rest 5.5-1.67 = 3. 83 m above the ground

total distance travelled is 48 - 3.83 = 44. 17

Calculate energy in turkey from initial velocity ... add this to energy from falling 44.17 and this will give you total energy in terms of Mass of turkey

This equals energy contained in stretched trampoline.
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