Physics problem needed help (high school level)

Apr 2015
Somerset, England
How am I supposed to know what help to offer since you have said nothing about your difficulty, but simply posted the questions ?

OK so the question has three parts, a,b and c.

The key to solving both a and b is the same.

Do you know the basic equation distance = speed x time ?

Part C is different , do you have any thoughts at all about it?
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Jun 2016
Hi Dexter,
There is a rule in this forum that we refuse to just do peoples homework for them.
However we will try to give hints and pointers when a person has genuine difficulties,
This is made a lot easier if you can indicate a specific issue you are confused by,
rather than just dumping the whole question on us.

We can provide assistance with misunderstandings or misinterpretations,
But if you are seriously unable to even start on these questions,
I suggest you need to have a word with your tutor.
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