participating in a contest but cant seem to get the correct answer

Nov 2019
The fastest time ever run at Pikes Peak is 7:57. If we removed all the curves, making a straight line from top to bottom, how quickly could a Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye reach the top?
  • Slope of 6.4%
  • Redeye top speed 203 mph
  • A stock Redeye has a peak acceleration of over 1g. Assume this Redeye will accelerate at an average of .091 g (2.93 ft/s2)
  • The 12.42 mile long Pike’s Peak course has over 156 turns
Equations to use:
  • d=v^2/2a
  • t=v_f/a
  • t=d_remaining/v_f


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We can't really help you for the contest, but the starting point is going to have to be the length of the track. You have the length of the track and you have the acceleration. How can you find the time from this? (A complication: The Hellcat is only going to be accelerating for part of the track.)

That's about all we can do.



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Regarding the fact that the average slope is 6.4%: it would seem obvious that the car would be slower accelerating going uphill than it would be on level ground, and also have a slower top speed. However, it's not clear whether the acceleration and top speed data is for the car on level ground or on the 6.4% slope. If the data is for level ground, I don't believe there is enough information here to determine how much slower it would be going up hill - so I suggest ignoring that and use the acceleration and top speed data provided.
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