Moving garden hose - why does the water travel shorter distance

Sep 2019
We all know a garden hose. Keeping is stationary it has a certain throw length based on nozzle exit velocity and angle of the nozzle. If you start swinging/rotating the hose e.g. in the horizontal plane, then the throw length decreases significantly - but what are the physics behind this and can it be calculated?

Jun 2016
I can't say I have noticed the effect you describe.
I can only think that the hose must be kinking,
or at least you are creating bends in the hose that are sharp enough to restrict the flow.

But this is just a guess.
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Apr 2017
Your observations must be out ....

In a rotating hose , in addition to the usual water pressure , there is also an extra centrifugal force giving the water more pull .... It's the same as if you were to lower the hose down an (empty) well , gravity would pull the water out quicker ....

In the case where you were rotating the hose rapidly above your head you are doing a lot of work .... More than if the hose was frozen and no water was exiting ...

In both cases you are doing work against air resistance , if a frozen hose that's all

But in a non frozen hose water is exiting and you have to work harder
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