Microcosmic gravity pulses explain quantum physics ?

Feb 2020

25 years ago I got an idea that I thought would explain quantum physics.

Space/time can collaps so I thought could there be a phenomenon that can create a singularity that expands through the universe?

I have read about that there is just one electron in the universe and it moves back and forward in time and that was an idea from Wheeler to Feynman and it lead Feynman to develope QED.
And there were discussions that the electron is a microcosmiv black hole.
And when a gravity wave pass earth time goes a little bit faster and/or slower the instance it pass.

So what if Wheeler and Feynman where partly right and that a electron is some kind of microcosmic black hole and what happens if there is created a gravity wave that stop or make time go infinite fast?
Then what....

So 25 years ago I heard about a phenomenon in explosions.
If a fast enough explosion goes of up in the atmosphere then there can be created a sound chock pulse that turn the air to fluid and this spheric shell expands with the speed of sound some meters in diameter.

So I made a thought experiment, just to get people to understand then when I take this idea to space/time gravity waves.

What if two jets is flying in the speed of sound and is doing an experiment.
Both jets have speakers and microphones outside the jets and is testing communication between them, as they fly beside each other.
Now they explode a bomb behind the jets and it creates this chock puls of air fluid and lets say it continue to expand for miles and the jets now get there speakers and microphones in this chock fluid pulse.
The pilots dont know this but monitor the communication.
The pilots now experience that the communication is transfered between the jets faster than the speed of sound.
They monitor that the comunication is as if they were flying in a fluid.

So they reason that maybe time has been altered for the réquipment or something.

Now this is just a way for me to get people in to my next step of thought experiment.

So now we go to space/time.

What if there in the big bang was explosions, that was so extreme that it created some gravity chock waves that then expandes with the speed of light.
So lets say we fly in space with a rocket, with almost the speed of light and get caught in one of these gravity pulses.
Lets say that this pulse make the time go infinite fast.
Then the pilots suddenly realise that the universe stop moving outide the gravity pulse.
And as long as they stay in the pulse, they can move all over, in this spheric shell, that expands with the speed of light.
They also experience that they can slow down and step out of the gravity pulse and speed up and go back again, in to the pulse.

People outside the gravity pulse now get the experience that the rocket popps out and communicate and then popps out light years away instantly and continue communicating fram that new spot.

Now we go to quantum physics.
What if all different particles is some kind of microcosmic gravity pulses.
When we dont look at them, they are spread out all over the universal gravity pulse.
When we interact with them we get this gravity pulse to collapse to a particle.
Its just like as if we poke at the gravity pulse and the rocket see that we try to communicate so they go there and slow down a bit to communicate with us and then speed up again and get back in to the pulse.

Now with this mindgame I think I can explain most of quantum physics.
The spinn of the particles is an extreme creation of "Frame dragging" that is a shear in space/time .

With this idea it is then possible to explain quarks and why they behave like they do to build protons and neutrons and so on.


So what do you think about this idea?
Can we have a discussion or have I posted this in the wrong place?

M.Sc. Magnus Ivarsson
Feb 2020
The rocket pilots live forever just like particles for this thought experiment to work and so on..... :)
Feb 2020
So is there anyone who know the physics and mathematics about gravity waves and if it is possible for the big bang or other thingd in our universe ,
to create gravity pulses that make time stop or go infinite fast in its pulse?

Or is it mathematicly possible to have a gravity wave/pulse that is so intence that when the gravity wave/pulse pass us/earth,
time stop or go infinite fast ?

Regards MagI
Oct 2017
So is there anyone who know the physics and mathematics about gravity waves
Doesn't seem like it. Personally, I have a PhD in astrophysics, but my knowledge of special relativity is pretty basic and I don't know general relativity at all. I can't really help you unless you have more basic questions or just need some help with research.
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