Magnetic flux density and temperature

Oct 2017
Hello everyone!

I am new in the forum; and I am currently studying physics at the high school level. I have a little problem... and I would greatly appreciate any help that you could provide me;

The thing is; I have to do an investigation on the relationship between magnetic flux density and temperature. My hypothesis is that when a ferromagnet is heated, the magnitude of B should decrease. However, I can't seem to find any formula which relates magnetic flux density and temperature, at least below the Curie point (?). Is there a formula relating these? Thank you very much!
Jun 2016
Just Guessing.

I was hoping someone else would post an answer to this,
because I don't know the answer and the question intrigues me.

Your hypothesis seems reasonable, many properties (conductivity as an obvious example) change with temperature, but I have not heard of any change in magnetism with temperature (below the Curie point).
But then there are many things I have not heard of...

I have a suspicion that you might find a small change due to the interfering influence of impurities in the material becoming more pronounced at higher temperatures.
In particular, as the Curie point of the bulk material is approached, some regions of the material (where the composition is slightly different from the average) might reach the Curie point at a lower temperature than the rest.

I might hypothesise that a very pure single crystal would show no discernible change up to a very sharp Curie change, while a less pure alloy might show small, but detectable, changes up to a more gradual Curie change.

However this is all just pure guesswork.