Lateral Force from Electrostatic Attraction Force?

Mar 2018
A grounded metal plate is held equidistant between two connected and charged plates. Assume the mechanism to slide the center plate in or out has a coefficient of friction of 0.0

Since the vector forces applied to the center plate are normal to the surface, is there a lateral/shear force when sliding the center plate in and out?

I have tried to do this. I have no access to plates thick enough with rounded edges to prevent corona discharge nor a holder to get the plates close enough without the sheets being pulled into contact. If there is some lateral force then there would be an equation and no discussion or equation has been found so I am hoping someone here would know and be kind enough to share this information.

Jun 2016
Just Guessing

Would the motion of the plate through the field create eddy currents within the plate?

I'm thinking of the breaking systems they use on Fairground rides
where aluminium plates are passed through magnetic fields.

Perhaps because this is an essentially parallel electric field perpendicular to the direction of movement, no eddy currents will result.

I'm not sure, but perhaps this might point in directions you could investigate further.