IT( Interactive thermodynamics) homework ?

Dec 2019
This my homework please help me.

Questions :

A 0.5 m^3 tank contains ammonia, t1= -40 celcius degree, p1=8 bar. A leak develops, and refrigerants flows out of the tank at the mass flow rate ( 0.02=<m(m dot)=<0.1 increment 0.02 kg/s) . The process occurs slowly enough that heat transfer from the surroundings maintains a constant temperature in the tank.

a) Determine the time , in s, which half of the mass has leaked out, and the pressure in the tank at that time, in bar, and plot the variation of the pressure over time.

b) Determine the entropy production, in kj/K(kelvin), for the given system, and plot the variation of the entropy production over time.

Please help me. I have to do this problem with IT(Interactive Thermodynamics) . But I don't know how can I use IT.