In this experiment by mixing EM, with light, could any solid element, become transpa

Jan 2016
-rent like glass.
;DLight does not have the energy to excite electrons in glass.
So take any other opaque element hit it with UV rays, or any other EM radiation, whatever works best to excite the electron to the energy/shell level that will not excite RED light.
Then mix the EM wave you used with the red light, send the red light to the electron in millisecond bursts, after the first EM wave you used hit the electron, and raised the electron to a higher shell level.
Now hopefully the electron is in a shell level that does not absorb the red light, after being hit first by the other type of EM you used.
So in my mind you have created the same electron energy level as in glass, and the object CAN become translucent a bit by 2%.
Could it work or does this need to be tested in a lab.
Thank you for your help, anything helps even a few words.