Impact energy due to a pendulumn

Sep 2018

Im trying to create a experimentation where I want to replicate a G force of 40G on one of the automotive component using a pendulum mass.

How do we calculate impact force generated on a rigid rod inclined at 20deg rearward from vertical when impacted with a pendulum mass of 5Kg is released at an angle of 20deg from horizontal?

Image attached for ref


Apr 2017
40G is an acceleration .........You want to impart an acceleration on an inclined rigid rod by impacting the 5Kg ....

we must know the angle of the string and it's length ,when the 5kg impacts the rod. From this we can find the speed at impact

Also we must know the mass of the rod ... and it's length and mass distribution to find it's moment of inertia, before we can proceed.