How to solve this tension question?

Jan 2019
Dear all,

I am trying to figure out why the answer is T>W... do you have any idea why, if so could you please explain. Thank you.

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Aug 2010
You have $T= \frac{W}{2 sin(\theta)}$ so that T> W if $2sin(\theta)< 1$ which is the same as $sin(\theta)< 1/2$. That is true for all $\theta$ less than 30 degrees.
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Aug 2019
You are pulling near perpendicular to a line of force, thru rope device that supports on inline axis only; cannot accommodate sideforce on it's own.

This principle works very well to favor in a very old worlde strategy; almost lost to time..
>>usually this is a force you are trying not to conjure, but has saved men't lives on the open sea , no power except sail and tide; in a time when not even sure if Earth was round..