How to arrange a row of disk magnets

Mar 2020
New Jersey
I have six 3/8" diameter neodymium disk magnets. I'm going to drill 6 holes in a single row in wood and glue the magnets in. They will hold a knife for a knife sharpening jig. The magnets will have about 1/4" space between them. For maximum holding strength, should I arrange the magnets with north and south poles alternating, or should they all face the same direction?
Apr 2017
for maximum hold a steel connection on the back will help ... So you have a pair of magnets one N up one S up the down poles are connected with iron ... then repeat as many separate pairs as required
Jun 2016
Oz is creating a series of "horseshoe" magnets.

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to imagine the overall magnetic field that would be created by the different arrangements.
my gut feeling is either all in the same direction, or it wouldn't mater.

Come on Studiot, you are usually good at this sort of thing, what is your opinion.

Could you perhaps make a temporary jig to experimentally test which works best?