How much mass needed to cool down liquid?

It's question 5.

Could someone push me in the right direction here. Idk what's up. Is there a part along the way where I've got it wrong or is it right from the beginning lol?

Thanks for any help (Bigsmile)
Mar 2019
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Aug 2010
Perhaps you should stop ending your posts with "lol"!

The question asks which of the following is false:
A) When heat is transferred because of a temperature difference, then the heat flows from the hot object to the cool object.
Of course this is true!

B) Two objects, allowed to come to thermal equilibrium, have the same temperature.
Yes, this is true. The actual amount of "heat" in the two bodies might be different.

C) Heat transfer can take place simultaneously by conduction, convection, and radiation.
Yes, this is true. "Conduction" occurs when two objects are in contact and heat flows directly from one to the other. "Convection" is when a fluid, like air or water, gets heat from one object and carries it to the other. Even if the two objects are in contact, so that "conduction" is happening, a fluid can carry heat from another part of one to the other. "Radiation" is when infra-red radiation carries heat from one to the other.

D) Conduction, convection, and radiation can all transfer heat through a vacuum.
This is the one that is false. Conduction and radiation can transfer heat through a vacuum but convection requires some kind of fluid, not a vacuum.

E)The rate of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation all depend (approximately) on the difference in temperature between the two locations.
Yes. this is true.
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Sorry, is there a rule I'm breaking when I say lol? Not to be rude, but that's an awfully irrelevant pick. Unless there's something about 'lols' that violate a rule here.

Thank you for your reply, however, it seems you've neglected to read my post (except for the god-forsaken lol, of course).

I already got the answer to the one which you've gone through, though it's nice to have a back-up on that one. As I stated, I was looking at question 5, which asks, as stated in my title, for the mass needed to cool down the liquid.

Thank you anyways. I'll refrain from doing anything too excessively cheerful for you with this reply.