How does the magnetism creates difference of potential ?

Mar 2018

I was reading electronics and I have a perception in my mind that potential difference is created by making the difference of electric charges on both ends. Higher potential is what means that there is more negative charge (More Electrons) and lower potential means there is more positive charge (Less Electrons). Due to the difference of charges the electric field is created (Negative to Positive -- Convention does not matter about the direction of Electric Field) and that cause the electrons to flow from the conductive wire. The more the difference the more energy the electron will flow.

Now recently when I study how electricity is created and I came to know about the electromagnetic induction as the conductor moves the electrons flow. What I don't understand now, is how this difference of charges theory fit in the induction or I was absolutely wrong all the way. Please help me out !!
Jun 2016

Scientists (in the past) postulated the magnetic monopole
they then searched high and low for them
They did not find even a sniff of them.

The consensus is now that they do not exist.

I think that a large part of the problem comes from
trying to think of Electrical and Magnetic behaviours separately.
They are actually fundamentally the same thing.
Not just linked phenomena, but actually the same phenomena
(viewed from a different angle)
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