Hooke's Law Spring Calc

Oct 2017
Hello Members,

It's a pleasure to join your forum. I have a spring calc I'd like to present for consideration.

Load on Springs: 242.25 MT (each cycle)
Load Axis: linear, horizontal
Number of Springs: 2
Spring.A Position: left end of linear shaft
Spring.B Position: right end of linear shaft
Spring Stroke: 1.755 m
Spring(s) Equilibrium Point: 0.8775 m (center of stroke)
Stroke/Cycle Frequency: 1.0 sec/stroke

Task: Solve for spring geometry

Thank you in advance
Jun 2016
I am not sure what you are asking for.
are you asking for coil spring, verses leaf spring, verses...?
are you asking for the sinusoidal variation of length during each cycle?
are you asking for an engineering solution for the size and shape of a spring that can withstand the type of load cycling you describe?
Oct 2017
Hello Woody,

Thank you for your reply. In reply to your questions, my interest are:

1.) coil springs, compression

2.) sinusoidal variation of length will be useful as well

3.) Primary interest: coil size, shape, coil count and force rating of coil to withstand 1 cycle per second

Again, thank you for your reply.