Help with Battery/DC Brushed Motor Calculations

Feb 2020

I am working on a project where I need to calculate the power that a specific DC Brushed Motor requires to operate and how much a rechargeable battery should provide to keep the device charged for 48 hours. Currently, the motor is used with 4 double A batteries but I am seeking to replace these with a rechargeable battery. Here is the link to the spec for the motor: Motor (it is the T2-05 PMDC Iron Core Motor. Can anyone help with with the calculations for this?
Apr 2017
that's listed as 3.3V nominal ... and 0.36W .... that's a very nice voltage because it matches LiFePO4 (lithium Iron) rechargeable , this has a very flat discharge of 3.2V ...Not to be confused with li-ion or Li-po which discharge over 4.2 to 3.2 V very awkward ...

LiFePO4 are available in many places . To run for 48Hours you need a battery capacity of 0.36 x 48 = 16 Whrs at least ....

something like this from eBay ...

Notice they are listed with their mAh capacity can supply 7000mA for 1hr ... or 70mA for 100 hrs

The Watt hr capacity is 7000mAhrs x 3..2 = 21.6Whrs
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