Help calculating the energy transfer of a piston-cylinder assembly

Jan 2010
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A mass of 5 kg of steam is contained within a piston cylinder assembly. The steam undergoes an expansion from its initial state with e1 = 3000 kJ/kg to its final state with e2 = 2500 kJ/kg. During the process there is a heat transfer of 80 kJ to the steam. Also, a paddle wheel transfers 10 kJ of work to the steam. Calculate the amount of energy transfer by work from the steam on the piston during the process.

2. Relevant equations

dE = del Q - del W

3. The attempt at a solution

Would this be correct?
W = del Q - dE
= (80kJ + 10kJ) - (2500 kJ/kg - 3000 kJ/kg)
W = 590 kJ

I don't believe this is correct but it's all I have been able to come up with so far. Any guidance is appreciated
Jan 2010
check statement

I am not getting this statement, please check out the statement.

If anybody find statement clear enough, please help me understanding it!!!!(Sleepy)(Sleepy)(Sleepy)(Sleepy)


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Apr 2008
Should you multiply the values of v1 and v2 by 5? As it seems asking for the work done by 5kg steam.