Heat exchanger

Jul 2019
At work, we have a tube and shell heat exchanger. The fluid to be heated is water and the other fluid is steam.
Theoretical ...

Btu / h: 136.1 x10 ^ 6
Flow Steam: 136,000 pph (I think it's pound per hour)
Ti of the steam: 312 F
To the steam: 212 F
Psi steam: 65 psi
Water flow: 3110 USGPM (us allon per minute)
Water Ti: 70 F
to water: 158 F
Psi of water: 100 psi

Area: 3800 ft ^ 2
LMTD (corrected): 148

1. The strange thing is that our steam line can only have 14,000 kg/h of steam and according to the equation Q = m * Cp * dT, the steam flow should be above 1,000,000 lbs / h?

2. What I would like to do:

The exchanger is not always in use. When not in use, I would like to give him 530 kg of steam to heat the water. What is the flow of water needed to increase the dT of it by 3 F?

Thank you so much ,