forces and moment

May 2019
Hello guys i am trying to solve question A.I just need some help with the few Forces F2 and f3
when only F is applied,i think following forces would act at A
Bending at A= F*b
Could you guy help me When:
scenario 1: only f2 is acting
scenario 2: only f3 is acting
May 2019
Hey guys
i am trying to solve question a .
when only F is acting i think
moment at A= F*b
torsion at a = F*a

what would be forces and moment when
1. only f2 is acting
2. only f3 is acting


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Jun 2016
You have made a distinction between moment and torsion,
You realise that they are both moments,
just acting to try to twist the flange in different directions.

Similarly f2 or f3 will each create a moment at the flange
(twisting in a third direction)
due to the Forces acting via a "lever" of length b.

There will be only one moment (no torsion)
and it will be in a different direction to the original moment.
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