Food Problem in Physics.

Oct 2018
I've posted three threads.
One: questioning the fundamental laws of physics. Intuitivly reversed of what i expected; that thread received the most replies.
Two: more or less an engineering question. It does relate to Newtons fundamental laws of action reaction. It sould of been posed and anticipated hundreds if years ago. 1836 at least.
Three: a simple straight forward basic approach to communicating throughout the timeline. The method may or not be the most efficient way; first that comes to mind. The idea, come on, all you need to do is have heard of relativity. Let alone know all the actual technology that does exists to prove it - compensate for the effects. One only needs to be aware of the idea, to at least, see the incentive there would be in capitalizing on the difference in time rates /per frame of references, in space. That only has to do with motion. Only one law, of relativistic effects. Just 1 guy's thought. Applications followed...
This 3rd thread received the fewest, feedback. Not possible, didn't see how, no more replies; not even an simple admission of the potential suggested. Not to mention, we have more than enough resources/technology in place, let alone a computer, which could definitely utilize any future progress in advancement of the idea worked out. Kinda* like a telegraph led to a telephone, Morse code kept in mind, telephone, wireless communication (hertz), the need to break a code, the computer invented (history). I don't see how, in general, people let information be known yet not expected to be understood.

There's allot of more important things to work on... Unfortunately there is one big problem, stopping us from going forward.
You can call in the way. Not more important. You would of thought this would of been solved, uhm, a while ago. Nlol. Kinda ridiculous. Here it is 2018, and we have to deal with a few issues we've had since, the first bacteria, amino acids, since the beginning. Since the beginning.

Now, we have to be careful here:
If go right ahead and solve this problem, than things will go up in quality, and quantity, really very fast. In terms of progressing. If everyone started using their full potential, or a portion more, or just understood, if there's a problem, then the solution is to have an idea. There really needs to be the more important things in place worked on first. I have many suggestions. I'm sure everyone might agree its an distribution of resources than at that point. Never mind the goods.

I sould mention, first that to be more assured of success. To increase the probability of acquiring more land. Also, the concept of working together is kinda crucial, both now and in any reasonable expected future.
Working together accomplishes allot. The freedom of an individual working, does more, for the whole.

There must be some concern, if the potential of eating. Yes the body needs, energy. It also needs, material, nutrition vitamins minerals forces in nature DNA protein, electricity chemicals, elements. This should have already been solved a long time ago, or maybe somone noticed feeling better after drinking some water.
Is there anything, outside the body, (material and other phenomenons) that's not inside? Is there anything inside, the body, that's not outside, in the environment? I thought we were made of the same material as the rest of the universe. The potential to restructure our own body, / dna, not only in our descendants, but in our own life-time is self apparent. I'm sure anything, food, and otherwise, breathing; can be observed the affect of, right away.

Matter, energy, force, work machine or technology. Energy is what it is. Material or nutrients.

We might outgrow our need for body making everthing irrelevant. Maybe not. There is definitely a problem a need to manage produce or resources. It's unfortunate that to live, we must eat. It's not just us really. The mind outside the brain, or in quantum physics, etc for now.

Does anyone else recognize the FOOD problem in physics?

Like some information we have already is all.

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Oct 2017
There is definitely a problem a need to manage produce or resources. It's unfortunate that to live, we must eat.


Does anyone else recognize the FOOD problem in physics?
Of course! There are research groups who care very much about solving large-scale hunger and famine. However, the field of research addressing those sorts of problems is biochemistry, so you might get a better response from a forum dedicated to that field rather than a physics forum.
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Jun 2016
The Inhumanity of it.

Your argument that there are better things for humanity to spend its emphasis on than Physics is reasonable.
However, the people you should be convincing are the politicians and the economists, not the physicists.

Most of the people who you will find posting on a Physics Help Forum will tend to be physics biased,
and we freely admit that physics is at best a very indirect route toward solving World Hunger,
or any of the other similar issues facing us, which primarily stem from the inhumane behaviour of humanity.
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Mar 2019
pig vs physics

Physics now just alike the pig, eating without thinking, it's so good...