Fluid Dynamic situation

Dec 2015
Dear everybody,

At first sorry about my english, hope you all can understand my intent. I have a water system with a main pipe like the picture below, and we block the other side of pipe. Belong the pipe we put 6 valve like that ( 6 valve with same size, same pressure drop position, same kind...). And the fluid is water only
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My question :
1. Can 6 valve have the same flow rate ( the flow outlet ) in real-life?
2. What happen if length of pipe is long, and number of valve is more than 1000, I want to know the limit of this system with my intent to have same flow rate for each valve.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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Your attachment is not working,
However, my thought is that you cannot get more out of the valves than you can put into the main pipe.
The pressure drop due to flow out of the initial valves is likely to mean that the flow out of latter valves is less.
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