energy released (nuclear reaction)


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Apr 2008
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can someone please explain what's this all about?
why the energy released involve( proton) is 1.007825(934MeV) +2MeV ??
Any nuclear reaction must involve conservation of mass/energy. Not only do we have to take account of the particles, but we also must take account of the energy. The incoming proton has a kinetic energy of 2 MeV.

Sep 2016
In a fusion reaction, a heavier nucleic like:-
(2) Deuterium + (3) Tritium = (4) Helium + (1) neutron + 17.6 MeV
(Deuterium & tritium are isotopes of hydrogen)
In a fission reaction, a heavier nucleic like uranium (235) breaks into lighter nucleic if attack with an energetic neutron :-
(235) Uranium+ (1) neutron = (144) Barium + (89) Krypton + (3) neutrons + 177 MeV
so, here almost 177 Mev of energy is released per reaction.
Nuclear fission energy in a few different points:- gamma ray production, beta ray production, neutrino production, higher combined kinetic energy of the fission fragments and neutrons vs. the original neutron+ fissile atom