Electromagnetics / EM theory made easy - Textbook review

Aug 2015
As everybody might be aware of Engineering Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic theory is a difficult subject for Electronics / Electrical engineering students and physics post graduates. We have published book titled "Electromagnetics made easy" authored by B.Srinivasan. In the book the subject has been explained in a easy manner for easy reading of students. If one goes through the book, he will notice that, learning the EM paper will be like seeing a movie or story telling. First two chapters of the book are available for free download at www.emmadeeasy.blogspot.com.

Now we require reviewers to review the book. The reviewer should have handled the subject for at least a decade in well established university and should have published papers in international journals in EM theory. The way in which the EM theory has been explained in the above mentioned book is completely different / innovative and will be very easy to learn. The reviewer has to check the concepts in the book. If interested in reviewing please write to us, we will be happy to send a specimen copy for review after verifying your credentials.

Kamakshi publishers