Electric Field for the circular path of positively charged particle

Jan 2019
Here is picture. Answers is A.


My attempt was that I thought if i were to place a positive test charge then it would go from top to bottom if there was a positive charge in the center it was avoiding and a positively charged particle at the top, but an electron at the bottom so it would avoid the positively charged particles and head for the electron thus the electric field would look like B and thats exactly how a positively charged particle would also do so.

But then the answer was A and i got thinking to how in circular motion there is centripetal force towards center, but honestly since this is electric fields i feel weird to correlate these and don't feel so correct.
Jun 2016
The key (I think) is the combination of the undeflected (straight line) motion of the particle
with the additional push imparted by the electrical field.

So without the field the particle would just travel straight, diagonally from top right to bottom left.