cusp electrons

Jan 2019
anyone knows what cusp elecons is? and when they appear?


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Apr 2008
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anyone knows what cusp elecons is? and when they appear?
All I know about this is from what I just Googled. A "cusp" in the electron wavefunction in an atom appears at the nucleus' surface. We would expect to find a discontinuity here as the charge density has a discontinuity at this point. (This is a first order approximation. The nuclear charge density smears out a bit due to the Uncertainty Principle and the electron wavefunction changes rapidly there, but without an actual discontinuity.)

That's all I can tell you without a more in depth search.

Is this a curiosity question or are you working on something?

Jan 2019
i am working on a project about cusp electrons and capture to continuum but i have to translate this terms to my languge (greek) an i dont know how
Jun 2016
Note that the figurative usage and the geometric usage are actually closely connected.
Making a small change near a cusp point can produce a large change in the outcome.

An analogy might be the (American) continental divide where a drop of water falling on the west side will end up in the Pacific, while a drop of water falling just a very short distance to the east will end up in the Atlantic.

Thus one might suspect that a cusp electron is one where a tiny "push" (which would be practically negligible for a "normal" electron) would send the cusp electron along dramatically different future paths.