Cosmological Constant Problem

May 2014
Poole, UK
I suspect the likes of Sabine Hossenfelder and Eric Verlinde, understand how gravity works better than just about anyone on the planet.
If Sabine hossenfelder did, she'd know that she was wasting her time trying to quantize gravity. If Eric Verlinde did, he'd know he was wasting his time with entropic gravity. See Clifford M Will's paper The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment. General relativity is the best-tested theory we've got, but people like Hossenfelder and Verlinde ignore what Einstein said.

Both of them can derive Einstein's field equations using their methods. Verlinde requires no dark matter to explain why galaxies don't fly apart, I understand also Hossenfelder does not require as much dark matter to explain the galactic rotations as Einsteins field equations do.
They both ignore something else Einstein said: "the energy of the gravitational field shall act gravitatively in the same way as any other kind of energy”. A concentration of spatial energy causes gravity. Now take a look at the raisin-cake analogy, which says space expands between the galaxies but not within. So conservation of energy means every galaxy is surely sitting in a region of space where the energy density is greater than that of the surrounding space.

According to Verlinde both space and time are emergent. Also an additional interesting point is that many papers have been published in support of Verlindes theories and in addition to this Ricci flow is being used by other theoretical physicists to support Verlinde's theory. Of course Verlinde's theory is still under development.
To reiterate, I think that when you've read the Einstein digital papers, you understand how gravity works. Then I think you'd understand that entropic gravity is misguided. See what Wikipedia says:

"Entropic gravity, also known as emergent gravity, is a theory in modern physics that describes gravity as an entropic force—a force with macro-scale homogeneity but which is subject to quantum-level disorder—and not a fundamental interaction. The theory, based on string theory, black hole physics, and quantum information theory, describes gravity as an emergent phenomenon that springs from the quantum entanglement of small bits of spacetime information".

String theory is totally unproven, much of black hole physics contradicts general relativity, quantum information theory remains hypothetical, and we have no evidence whatsoever of "the quantum entanglement of small bits of spacetime information". Entropic gravity is speculation built on other speculations, and isn't in line with general relativity, which is the best-tested theory we've got. So I see no value in entropic gravity I'm afraid.