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Mar 2020

I noticed this forum through a friend who told me people were helpful here. II am abit ashamed to ask , but I am forced to. I have NO time to go through and read the theories. I have not had biophysics for the longest time, on my 4 MD- advanced medical school in Lodz. We are doing labs and Lab 51 - MEASUREMENT OF THE ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE OF CONCENTRATION CELLS AND MEASUREMENT OF ELECTRODE AND DIFFUSION POTENTIAL". I did the lab, quite quick and easy, only took like 10-15 min. Did the calculations. Now I only need a conclusion explaining what we have found. Only need like a short 1-2 long sentence. Tho ill be honest, I HAVE NO clue about the theory that explains what we found.

Definition, Formula and Units:
Chemical potential, models for chemical potentials in solutions, electrochemical potential, electrode potential, diffusion potential, EMF, Nernst´s equations, principle measurement of electromotive force of concentration cell and measurement of electrode potential"

Anyone mind writing a short one that explains this. A sentence, so that i understand. Attached the lab and the lab report with the calculations, both PDF files.

Would love some help!

Thank you!



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We aren't going to just write this out for you.

For the conclusion section you need to know why you were doing the lab in the first place. It looks to me like you were measuring the effect of different solution concentrations of the EMF of the circuit. So what happens to the resistance, EMF, etc. when you change the concentrations? That's pretty much all you need to state.

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Chemical potential, models for chemical potentials in solutions, .................
I wonder why you have posted a Chemistry question in a Physics Forum?

Did you not notice the Chemistry button/icon in the title bar?

You need to know a significant amount of University level Chemistry to discuss those subjects.
They are significant for for the biochemistry of neuro transmission (the body runs on electricity), pharmacokinetics and so on.

I would suggest you take this subject more seriously.
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Mar 2020
I am asking for help with a explanation, such as that concentration of a liquid effects permeability of electricity, or and temperature and so forth. I did not ask you to write me an essay, neither did I ask you to calculate anything for me, dont need you to present it to the professor with an example of another concentration from our choice which I have to do in 2 weeks. I asked only because I have a test today and I have no time to go through the theories thoroughly, but of which I will have time for after the test. At that time I'll have more time to read and understand. Was hoping with your help.

Assuming that I dont take this seriously, and that I want you to write this out for me is such a waste of time. As for the biochem/biophysics, the subject is a mixture, and thats why I posted it here. I am pretty sure it does not harm you.

"what happens to the resistance, EMF, etc. when you change the concentrations ". <- That was very helpful.
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Your problem was not knowing what you were looking for in the experiment.

The conclusion of a lab report is usually of the form:

The experiment was intended to show/demonstrate/support/refute... a particular theoretical model.
The results did/did not match expectations and thus do/do not show/demonstrate/support/refute...
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