Can you explain how light would behave as it passes through solid opaque matter in th

Jan 2016
-is specialized way by mixing light EM wavelengths.
So you want to get solid opaque matters electrons to the same electron energy levels of glass.
You use any EM, or laser light (with more intensity) to get the electrons in the solid matter to the same energy levels as glass.
So for the first 15000 microns the light will penetrate the solid matter and get the electrons the to the same shell levels of glass, (very briefly in milliseconds).
Then while the electrons are in the shell levels that do not excite visible light you then use RED light, that is either mixed in with the original beam, or sent to the electron in a timed millisecond burst.
So as the red light hits the electron transmission will occur.
But what not for the next 15000 microns of electrons.
because the first 15000 microns of matter are now transparent to the red light, will the laser light be able to penetrate the next 15000 microns of matter.
IF this process keeps continuing you can make a object fairly translucent.
Which could help in a number of medical application in human tissue.
Do you know the outcome of this experiment.
Thank you for your help, anything helps even a few words.