Can any INVISIBLE EM waves get electrons in solid matter, to the same energy levels i

Jan 2016
n glass.
As they pass through the solid opaque matter.
So as Invisible EM waves like radio, X-rays, and gamma waves pass through say a 4 inch cubic block of black solid carbon.
Do you think by mixing EM waves, and reducing, or increasing frequency, and wavelength you could get the electrons in the solid block of carbon to the same electron shell levels of a diamond, glass, and liquids.
So you mix say radio waves, gamma waves, with another EM like X-rays, the combination has to just right to get the electron to a shell level, in the carbon that does not absorb visible light.
Remember black solid carbon is made from the same material as the diamond, its just the electrons have different energy levels, that's why the diamond is transparent to light.
So it has to be physically possible to get electrons in the black carbon to shell levels of the diamond.
Basically there are shell levels that exist in the diamond that do not excite visible light
Unsure if inferred, and ultraviolet can pass through solids.
There are so many ways to play around with light, light can be slowed down, and the frequency, and wavelength can be reduced, and increased.
If all the electrons can get to a shell level that does not excite visible light, even for milliseconds, the RED light can pass through, and make the object transparent, or translucent.
What do you think.
Thank you for your help, anything helps even a few words.