Calculating energy released due to fission of heavy nucleus into equal nuclei

Oct 2014
1.*The problem*statement, all variables and given/known data
There is this university exam question:Draw the nuclear binding energy curve and and show that energy is released when a heavy nucleus of*A> 200breaks up into two nearly equal fragments.
2. Relevant equations
See below.
3. The attempt at a solution
I found in an example in Anwar Kamal Nuclear Physics , a solution to a similar problem where a heavy nucleus A=240 breaks into two nuclei A=120 each.From binding energy curve he has taken B/A=8.5MeV for A=120 and B/A=7.6MeV for A=240.Next he has shown energy released will be 240 (8.5-7.6)=216MeV.My Question is can i do the university question in a similar fashion??I take B/A~8.5MeV for A~200 and 7.6MeV for A~100.I am getting released energy to be 200 (8.5-7.6)=180MeV